Torla is an upcoming adventure RPG that takes place in a strange and whimsical land. The player must explore and survive to discover the truth of their mysterious arrival and unknown past. Inhabiting this surreal world, meeting its bizarre denizens, and solving its riddles will unravel not only your own story, but unlock Torla’s many secrets and tangled history.


After the release of Qora in 2014, Holden began working with various programmers on a follow-up. For nearly two years, many attempts were made to develop a new project, but none ever came to fruition. In December of 2016, Holden managed to find Amir online and finally start development on the newest iteration of the Torla concept. Amir lives in Los Angeles and Holden in Boulder, so they began their work remotely, planning to launch a Kickstarter once they had enough material to showcase. Currently, a large part of the foundation for Torla has been developed and the framework for a playable demo has been created. They expect the groundwork for the project to be finished by the time a potentially successful Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, so that focus can be shifted to the creation of content and the development of the actual narrative. If their campaign reaches its goal, they will be able to wrap up this foundational development and release the Torla demo for all to play while development of the first chapter of the game truly begins. They released their Kickstarter campaign early July 2017 and are currently seeking to fund additional development of the game.


  • An episodic adventure told in three chapters.
  • A land filled with diverse narratives, characters, environments, hundreds of puzzles, and other scenarios.
  • 150+ feature rich worlds amid many unique thriving biomes.
  • and much, much more!


Torla Official Kickstarter Trailer YouTube


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