Beautifully realised, and implementing stunning pixel-art graphics and a wonderful low-fi soundtrack, visionary filmmaker Holden Boyle's first video game Qora is a passionate homage to the past adventure game greats. Settling in a new village tucked away amongst a valley, you will explore unknown mysterious landscapes, harnessing a strange mystical power hidden there. An absorbing story-driven experience, Qora is an unforgettable journey that will continue to burn bright in your mind even after it is over.


Holden’s first game, Qora, was concieved as an introductory experiment into the medium. Pixel-art graphics and narrative based gameplay garnered both deep admiration for its imagination, and hatred over its slow pace. Qora’s soundtrack, which was composed by Holden, received fairly universal praise. Hiring the freelance work of programmer Ciprian Stanciu, the two first developed a demo for the game, then launched a Kickstarter to a surprisingly significant success. Qora released for PC and Mac in October of 2014 and published by Curve Digital.


  • Featuring many varied and gorgeous pixel-painted landscapes, Qora's world is full of intrigue and beautiful mystery
  • A powerful low-fi soundtrack accompanies your journey, punctuating the setting appropriately
  • Genuinely amusing and charming characters/dialogue will ensure that you speak to every last NPC
  • A mysterious power enables you learn more about your surroundings and explore the secrets hidden among the valleys
  • Multiple endings give you a reason to explore the game all over again


Quora Release Trailer YouTube

Quora Demo Trailer Vimeo


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Selected Articles

  • [Quora is] a serene game full of thought, excellently written with great music
    Ben Barrett, Rock,Paper, Shotgun
  • [Quora] seems like one of those games that trys to be art and actually succeeds..
    Future Funk, A Youtube Commentator
  • [Qora] has the same quirk and charm of old-school RPGs and adventure games.
    Chloi Rad, Indie Statik
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