Canopy is an independent production company that creates games, films, and music. Founded and run by Holden Boyles along with other collaborators.


Early History

Before Canopy was officially founded in early 2017, Holden Boyles’ work was produced under alternate names and with a variety of collaborators:


Holden’s first game, Qora, was concieved as an introductory experiment into the medium. Pixel-art graphics and narrative based gameplay garnered both deep admiration for its imagination, and hatred over its slow paced gameplay. Qora’s soundtrack, which was composed by Holden, received fairly universal praise. Hiring the freelance work of programmer Ciprian Stanciu, the two first developed a demo for the game, then launched a Kickstarter with surprisingly significant success. Qora released for PC and Mac in October of 2014 and was published by Curve Digital.

Film & Music

Holden grew up making films, studied filmmaking for three years at two technical schools, and worked as a freelance videographer in the United States and China. Starting in 2011, Holden teamed up with childhood friend and collaborator Cody Updegrave to create three significant film projects and a handful of commercial work. Their first major project was “To Exist”, an experimental feature-length film that was funded through Kickstarter and released in December of 2012. To Exist portrays the beauty of daily life through a series of 80+ vignettes accompanied by music and poetry. The film was shot by a small crew of 2-3 people, on a 3-month summer road trip up the east coast of the US, for a minuscule budget of five thousand dollars. In 2013, Holden and Cody raised funds through Kickstarter again to produce the short film “Torlo: Chapter One”, a wildly surreal and colorful piece of a larger story that takes place in the same fictional universe as Canopy’s upcoming game, “Torla”. Shooting the film over a weekend in the farms of Southern Maryland, the twelve-man crew was much larger this time, though the budget remained the same. This time $5000 would be allocated to nine minutes of cinema, rather than the two hours of To Exist. Later, in the spring of 2015, After converting an Isuzu box truck into a tiny home, Cody asked Holden to join him on what would become their third film project and adventure. “I Am Alone” is a 22-minute short film that follows a masked motorcyclist through the gorgeous desert landscapes of Death Valley, California. The project was shot gradually over one year, on three road trips covering nineteen states, for approximately $15K, and with a four-man crew. After much alteration, the team released the film in April 2016. Holden has also produced three albums of acoustic music, two albums of electronic music, and composed two soundtracks. The first soundtrack was composed for the 2012 film “To Exist”, and the second was composed for the 2014 video game “Qora”.


In December of 2016, Holden hired Amir Uqdah, a spry Los Angeles youth and coding wizard, to program the next major title: Torla. Beginning at the early age of 12, Amir has dedicated himself to the creative process and industry of game development and currently enjoys the sole responsibility of making Holden's art move around on computer screens. To this end, despite his age, Amir has garnered attention from companies like Apple and Disney Interactive and continues to fill his days creating games and other small prototypes that challenge design sterotypes and push uniuqe and diverse creative visions. This adventure/ survival game is to be set in a whimsically illustrated world full of strangeness and surrealism. The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Torla’s development, and hopes to release the game in three chapters initially for PC and Mac. Dependent upon the success of the Kickstarter and the future of the project, they also have plans to release a playable demo before Torla’s first chapter is out on the market.



Quora Release Trailer YouTube

Qora Demo Trailer Vimeo

Torla Official Kickstarter Trailer YouTube

Selected Articles

  • [Quora is] a serene game full of thought, excellently written with great music
    Ben Barrett, Rock,Paper, Shotgun
  • [Quora] seems like one of those games that trys to be art and actually succeeds..
    Future Funk, A Youtube Commentator
  • [Qora] has the same quirk and charm of old-school RPGs and adventure games.
    Chloi Rad, Indie Statik
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